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Utah Air Pollution Sources

Autumn Leaves for US Air Quality Gradebook - Utah Air Pollution Sources


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Beaver (Beaver) -
Box Elder (Brigham City)

Cache (Logan)

Carbon (Price) -
Daggett (Manila)

Davis (Farmington)

Davis (Farmington) [continued] -
Duchesne (Duchesne) -
Emery (Castle Dale)

Garfield (Panguitch) -
Grand (Moab) -
Iron (Parowan) -

Juab (Nephi) -
Kane (Kanab) -
Millard (Fillmore)

Morgan (Morgan) -
Piute (Junction) -
Rich (Randolph)

Salt Lake (Salt Lake City)

Salt Lake (Salt Lake City) [continued] -
San Juan (Monticello) -
Sanpete (Manti)

Sevier (Richfield) -
Summit (Coalville) -
Tooele (Tooele)

Uintah (Vernal)

Utah (Provo)

Utah (Provo) [continued] -
Wasatch (Heber City)

Washington (St. George) -
Wayne (Loa)

Weber (Ogden)

Weber (Ogden) [continued]



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Abstract: At Creative Methods, we try to “step outside the box” and look at fundamental issues in our world with new perspective.  Under the issue Air Quality, we present EPA data as maps and gradesheets that grade US counties A to F for 21 EPA measures of air quality.  The topics of air pollution and environmental health are serious issues in the US, and result in pollution health effects including headache, respiratory impairment, neurological impairment, mental impairment, asthma, lung disease, chronic fatigue, immune system dysfunction, premature aging, and reduced longevity.  Environmental science monitors air pollutant emissions, as well as criteria air pollutant concentrations through ambient monitoring.  The US Air Quality Gradebook (“AirGrades”) grades both emissions and ambient concentrations on maps and gradesheets, and assigns resultant composite scores to US counties.  Air pollutants include carbon monoxide, CO; lead, Pb; nitrogen dioxide, NO2; nitrogen oxides, NOx; volatile organic compounds, VOC; ozone, O3;

particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometers in size, PM10; particulate matter smaller than 2.5 micrometers in size, PM2.5; ammonia, NH3; sulphur dioxide, SO2; hazardous air pollutants, HAP; diesel emissions; and acrolein.  Source sheets such as these for Utah show important air pollution emissions.  Point sources include electric power generating facilities and industrial plants.  Area source emissions include wildfires, forest fires, open burning, permitted burning, structure fires, and fugitive dust.  Mobile sources include highway and off-road vehicles with internal combustion engines such as automobiles, trucks, trains, airplanes, snowmobiles, and all terrain vehicles (ATVs).  The maps, gradesheets, and source sheets demonstrate that clean air is at a premium in the US.  Sites presenting issues on health and the environment related to those presented under the topic Air Grades by Creative Methods at are Scorecard at and the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, at