Global Temperature Increases

and their relation to global warming, fossil fuel lifetime,
climate change, and sea level rise

• Global temperature increases will slowly modify
the planet over the next centuries.


Global Warming Will Put Miami Under Water

The section discusses global temperature increases considering how long fossil fuel will last, and what the tempeature increases imply regarding sea level rise and climate change.  Here is a chart of total fossil fuel consumption from the section.  To see more, click

Miami Now Miami with 20-foot Sea Level Rise *
Miami Now Miami with 20-foot Sea Level Rise
  * (This will be Miami in 2455 — not 2013 or anytime soon.)

Regional Deviation Charts

The Regional Deviation Charts show how much temperatures differed from normal in the year prior to July 1, 2013, for major regions of the world and globally. The charts have averaged out short- term weather fluctuations to show regionally averaged 2-week and 3-month deviations from normal temperatures.  Here for example is the chart for the "Global" region, i.e., for the entire world.  To see more, click


Airport Temperature and Deviation

These sample Airport Temperature and Deviation Charts show how temperatures in the two weeks prior to July 1, 2013, compared throughout the day to normal and extreme temperatures.  The charts represent airport locations throughout the world.  Airport charts for the entire year July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013 were used in constructing the regional and global deviation charts. Here is an example for Washington, DC.  To see more, click


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