Global Temperature Increases

Global Deviations Map

• Global deviations by world region.
• 2-week and 3-month average deviations, in Fahrenheit.
• The charts show the year July 1, 2012 to July 1, 2013.

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  The map shows shows 2-week and 3-month deviations in Fahrenheit averaged over all stations in a given region.  These deviations relate directly to the question of how current temperatures compare in general with the historical record when day-to-day "noise" has been reduced by the averaging.
The region's 2-week deviation is indicated in magenta, as the lower number.  The average of the 2-week deviations for the past 3 months is shown in green, as the upper number.
Red dot for much above normal
                                                        temperatures Much Above Normal (2 or more degrees above normal)
Yellow dot for above normal
                                                        temperatures Above Normal (1-2 degrees above normal)
Green dot for near normal
                                                        temperatures Near Normal (within 1 degree Fahrenheit)
Cyan dot for below normal
                                                        temperatures Below Normal (1-2 degrees below normal)
Blue dot for much below normal
                                                        temperatures Much Below Normal (2 or more degrees below normal)

Updated 2013/07/01 12:08 UTC

  The regions correspond to the first letter of the airport code, as follows:  
  A - Western South Pacific
B - Iceland and Greenland
C - Canada
D - West Africa
E - Northern Europe
F - Southern Africa
G - Northwestern Africa
H - Northeastern Africa
K - United States of America
L - Southern Europe
M - Central America
N - South Pacific
O - Middle East
P - Pacific
R - Western North Pacific
S - South America
T - Caribbean
U - Former Soviet States
V - Mainland Southeast Asia and South Asia
W - Maritime Southeast Asia
Y - Australia
Z - China