Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The Director's Edition
Stardate: 7410.2
Original Airdate: Dec 20, 1979

Abridged script highlighting the Ilia probe's references to carbon-based units.

[Ilia's quarters]

(the Ilia probe is in the sonic shower)
ILIA PROBE: You are the Kirk unit. You will assist me. I've been programmed by V'Ger to observe and record normal functioning of the carbon-based units infesting U.S.S. Enterprise.
McCOY: Jim, what's going on?
KIRK: Tricorder. ...Who is ...'V'Ger'?
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger is that which has programmed me.
KIRK: Is V'Ger the name of the captain of the alien vessel?
McCOY: Jim, this is a mechanism!
SPOCK: A probe, Captain. No doubt a sensor-transceiver combination, recording everything we say and do.
KIRK: Where is Lieutenant Ilia?
ILIA PROBE: That unit no longer functions. I have been given its form to more readily communicate with the carbon-based units infesting Enterprise.
SECURITY GUARD: 'Carbon-based units'?
McCOY: Humans, Ensign Perez. Us.
KIRK: Why does V'Ger travel to the third planet of the solar system directly ahead?
ILIA PROBE: To find the Creator.
KIRK: To find the Creator? Whose? ...What does V'Ger want with the Creator?
ILIA PROBE: To join with him.
SPOCK: Join with the Creator? ...How?
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger and the Creator will become one.
SPOCK: And who is the Creator?
ILIA PROBE: The Creator is that which created V'Ger.
KIRK: Who is V'Ger?
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger is that which seeks the Creator. I am ready to commence my observations.
SPOCK: Doctor, a thorough examination of this probe might provide some insight into those who manufactured it, and how to deal with them.
McCOY: Fine! Let's get her to sickbay.
ILIA PROBE: I am programmed to observe and record only the normal functioning procedures of the carbon-based units.
KIRK: The ...examination is a normal function.
ILIA PROBE: You may proceed.

[Enterprise recreation deck]

DECKER: The carbon units use this area for recreation. ...This is one of the games. ...What type of recreation does the crew aboard your vessel enjoy?
ILIA PROBE: The words 'recreation' and 'enjoy' have no meaning to my programming.
DECKER: Ilia enjoyed this game, ...she nearly always won.

[Kirk's quarters]

McCOY: Good! He's using audial-visual association.
ILIA PROBE (on viewscreen): This device serves no purpose. ...Why does Enterprise require the presence of carbon units?
DECKER (on viewscreen): Enterprise would be unable to function without carbon units.
ILIA PROBE (on viewscreen): More data concerning this functioning is necessary before carbon units can be patterned for data storage.
DECKER (on viewscreen): What does that mean?
ILIA PROBE (on viewscreen): When my examination is complete, all carbon units will be reduced to data patterns.
DECKER (on viewscreen): Within you, are memory patterns of a certain carbon unit. If I can help you revive those patterns, you could understand our functions better.
ILIA PROBE (on viewscreen): That is logical. You may proceed.

[Enterprise bridge]

UHURA (OC): Captain, Starfleet is sending this tactical on V'Ger's position. V'Ger is transmitting a signal.
KIRK: From V'Ger?
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger signals the Creator.
KIRK: Spock?
SPOCK: A simple binary code transmitted by carrier-wave signal. Radio.
KIRK: Radio?
DECKER: Jim, V'Ger expects an answer.
KIRK: An answer? I don't know the question.
ILIA PROBE: The Creator has not responded.
CHEKOV: All planetary defence systems have just gone inoperative.
UHURA: Sir, Starfleet says the devices are proceeding to equidistant positions orbiting the planet.
McCOY: They're the same things that hit us.
SPOCK: They are hundreds of times more powerful, Captain. From those positions they could devastate the entire surface of the planet.
KIRK: Why?
ILIA PROBE: The Creator has not answered. The carbon-units infestation is to be removed from the Creator's planet.
KIRK: Why?
ILIA PROBE: You infest, Enterprise. You interfere with the Creator in the same manner.
KIRK: The carbon-units are not an infestation. They are ...a natural function of the Creator's planet. They are living things.
ILIA PROBE: They are not true lifeforms Only the Creator and other similar lifeforms are true.
McCOY: Similar lifeforms. Jim, V'Ger is saying its Creator is a machine.
KIRK: Machine!
SPOCK: Captain, V'Ger is a child. I suggest you treat it as such.
KIRK: A child?
SPOCK: Yes, captain, a child. Evolving, learning, searching, instinctively needing.
DECKER: Needing what?
McCOY: Spock! This thing is about to wipe out every living thing on Earth Now what do you suggest we do? Spank it?
SPOCK: It only knows that it needs, Commander. But like so many of us, it does not know what.
KIRK: The carbon units know why the Creator has not responded.
ILIA PROBE: Disclose the information.
KIRK: Not until V'Ger withdraws the devices orbiting the third planet.
UHURA: Captain! I'm losing Starfleet. Interference from V'Ger.
ILIA PROBE: Kirk unit, disclose the information. Why has the Creator not responded?
KIRK: No. ...Secure all stations, clear the bridge.
(the Enterprise suffers a severe shock)
SULU: Clear the bridge, Captain?
KIRK: That was the order, Mister Sulu. Clear the bridge.
SULU: Aye sir.
(the Enterprise is rocked by more severe shocks)
McCOY: Your child is having a tantrum, Mister Spock.
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger requires the information.
KIRK: Bridge. Secure all stations. Move out!
McCOY: Jim! What the hell kind of strategy is this?
DECKER: All ship's functions going to automatic, Captain.
KIRK: If V'Ger destroys the Enterprise, all the information that V'Ger requires will also be destroyed.
ILIA PROBE: It is illogical to withhold the required information. ...Kirk unit. Kirk unit, why do you not disclose the information?
KIRK: If V'Ger's gonna to destroy all the carbon units on the third planet...
ILIA PROBE: They have repressed the Creator.
KIRK: ...the information will not be disclosed.
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger needs the information.
KIRK: Then V'Ger must withdraw all the orbiting devices.
ILIA PROBE: V'Ger will comply if the carbon units will disclose the information.
McCOY: It learns fast, doesn't it?
SPOCK: Captain, the vessel, V'Ger, obviously operates from a central brain complex.
KIRK: The orbiting devices will be controlled from that point.
SPOCK: Precisely.
KIRK: The carbon unit's information cannot be disclosed to V'Ger's probe, but only to V'Ger directly.
DECKER: Forward motion, Captain!
SPOCK: Tractor beam.

[Enterprise bridge]

SULU: Forward motion slowing, Captain.
SPOCK: Captain, I believe that is our destination.
SULU: Forward motion stopped.
UHURA: Sir, I have located the source of V'Ger's radio signal, it's directly ahead.
SPOCK: That transmitter is a vital link between V'Ger and it's Creator.
ILIA PROBE: The carbon units will now provide V'Ger the required information.

[Outside Enterprise - with a 'Giant's Causeway' leading away]


[Voyager VI platform]

KIRK: V-G-E-R ...V-O-Y-A-G-E-R ...Voyager! ...Voyager VI?
DECKER: NASA. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Jim, this was launched more than three hundred years ago.
KIRK: Voyager series, designed to collect data and transmit it back to Earth.
DECKER: Voyager VI ...disappeared into what they used to call a black hole.
KIRK: It must have emerged sometime on the far side of the Galaxy and fell into the machine's planet's gravitational field.
SPOCK: The machine inhabiters found it to be one of their own kind, primitive yet kindred. They discovered its simple twentieth-century programming. Collect all data possible.
DECKER: Learn all that is learnable. Return that information to its Creator.
SPOCK (OC): Precisely, Mister Decker, the machines interpreted it literally.
SPOCK: They built this entire vessel so that Voyager could fulfil it's programming.
KIRK: And on its journey back it amassed so much knowledge, it achieved consciousness itself. It became a living thing.
ALIEN MACHINE VOICE (OC): (unintelligible)
ILIA PROBE: Kirk unit, V'Ger awaits the information.
KIRK: Enterprise, order up the ship's computer library of records, on the late twentieth-century NASA probe, Voyager VI.

[Enterprise bridge]

KIRK (on intercom): We want the old NASA code signal that instructs the probe to transmit its death.

[Voyager VI platform]

KIRK: ...and fast, Uhura, fast!
UHURA (on intercom): Aye sir.
DECKER: That's what it's been signalling, its readiness to transmit its information.
KIRK: And there's no one on Earth who could recognise the old signal and send a response.
McCOY: The Creator does not answer.
KIRK: V'Ger, ...V'Ger, ...V'Ger, ...we are the Creator.
ILIA PROBE: That is not possible. Carbon units are not true lifeforms.
KIRK (OC): We will prove it. We will make it possible for you to complete your programming. Only the Creator could accomplish that. ...Enterprise?

[Enterprise bridge]

UHURA: We have just received the response code, Captain.

[Voyager VI platform]

KIRK: Set the Enterprise transmitter on appropriate frequency, and transmit the code now.
UHURA (on intercom): Transmitting.
DECKER: Five zero four, three two nine, three one seven, five one zero, and the final sequence...
KIRK: That should trigger Voyager's transmitter.
SPOCK: Voyager is not transmitting its data, Captain.
ILIA PROBE: The Creator must join with V'Ger.
KIRK: Uhura! Repeat the final sequence.
ILIA PROBE: The Creator must join with V'Ger.
SPOCK: Voyager is not transmitting, Captain, because it did not receive the final sequence.
McCOY: Jim, we're down to ten minutes.
KIRK: Enterprise, stand by. The antenna leads are melted away.
SPOCK: Yes Captain, just now. By V'Ger itself.
KIRK: Why?
SPOCK: To prevent reception.
KIRK: Of course.
DECKER: To bring the Creator here, to finish transmitting the code in person, touch the Creator.
McCOY: To capture God! V'Ger's going to be in for one hell of a disappointment.