Radio Clock – Radio Reloj – is a Cuban radio station, which vocally announces the minutes.  The deep voice announcing “Radio Reloj” with the rolling r’s and then the times, as well as other time information, overlay the song itself – they are in dark red in the lyrics.  In between the time information, Radio Reloj has international news.  See the following link, where you can sample the radio broadcast by clicking the “AUDIO EN VIVO” link on the upper right of the first link.  See




Manu Chao is a French singer born in Paris in 1961, who sings in French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Arabic.  His “Me gustas tú” is a tribute to Radio Reloj.  The cadence of the song refers to the ticks on Radio Reloj.  The song spends a night with a sleepless fellow thinking of his girl, as he muses over what he likes (but always comes back to liking “you”), as Radio Reloj keeps telling him how the night is slowly passing.  Manu Chao’s multi-lingual background is evident in each line of the chorus, the first half of which is in Spanish and the second half in French.  The French halves are hard to translate properly and get the correct underlying flavor and tone for the song, and that is undoubtedly why he did them in French.  See



Here is a YouTube version of the song that is very close to the lyrics:



La Coruña, or A Coruña, is a city in northwestern Spain.


Malasaña is an area of Madrid famous for its trendy night scene.


Regarding "la castaña" or "the chestnut", in northwestern Spain near La Coruña, there is a holiday for gathering chestnuts in late October or early November.  See



The first two lines appear to be a Manu Chao-style introduction to the song.


The song has a theme similar to a country-western song by Tom T. Hall, "I Love You", which is more melancholy and slower paced.  See






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